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Sub Zero Appliance Repair – Refrigerator and Freezer Certified Repair Service

Sub-Zero refrigerators are a few of the greatest refrigerators available on the market.  They keep food fresher longer and supply the most up-to-date in appliance technology.  But when Sub-Zero mistake codes pop up, it may be frustrating.  Frequent Sub-Zero mistakes vary from excess compressor run times to defrost cycles beneath heat.  For a lot of those error codes, you are able to do quick repairs yourself, such as checking for suitable door finishing or cleaning the condenser.  We have assembled the most usual Sub-Zero error codes for you , together with their meanings and how to repair them.

Sub-Zero Error Codes Meanings & Fixes

Sub-Zero error codes will show up on the electronic control panel, situated indoors along the top border of the fridge, as revealed in the picture above.  

Determined by the inner temperature of the fridge, you’ll want to do one of 2 things: When the internal temperature is large: When the fridge door isn’t available, but the temperature remains large, it’s advised that you contact a certified appliance repair support.  

Compressor run time is influenced by the total amount of food in the fridge, temperature of the food, internal and external temperature and duration of time that the door is left open. Repair it if you get error code 50, there are a couple unique things that you can do to fix it:

  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the door from shutting and sealing properly. 
  • Clean the condenser if it’s dirty or dusty. 
  • Eliminate anything obstructing the condenser fan blade, or twist it if it is loose. 
  • Watch when the sealed system is still leaking. 

Sub-Zero Error Code EC24 – Meaning: Defrost Underheat – This usually means that the defroster isn’t heating enough to perform its job. 

Repair It: A EC24 code repair also depends upon the temperature: We recommend phoning a Sub-Zero appliance repairman when the temperature is large.  If the temperature is ordinary: make sure that the condenser is clear and clean of any debris or dust.  

Sub-Zero Error Code EC 06 – Meaning: Thermistor Inconsistencies – This usually means the evaporator thermistor from the refrigerator examine inconsistent temperatures on many occasions. 

Sub-zero Ice Maker Troubleshooting: Not Making Ice

Sub zero appliance repair – Ice Maker TroubleshootingWe are sorry to hear that your Sub-Zero Ice Maker is no more creating ice.  Summer’s upon us which means hot days, so this is a few Sub-Zero ice maker cleaning to receive your ice manufacturer back on its toes so that you may get the tall, icy glass of plain water to that you are thirsting.  The issues with your ice manufacturer could be something it is easy to troubleshoot and fix yourself without needing to telephone us in La Jolla Appliance Repair Pros to get a service call. 


All these are the 3 items to check:

  • Assess the filter. Your Use & Care guide will have directions about the best way best to change the filter and also you are able to buy substitute Sub-Zero water filters. For the best results, Sub-Zero recommends altering the water filter every 6-12 weeks, depending upon utilization. Do be sure you’re purchasing accredited Sub-Zero water filters there are several counterfeit fridge water filters on the internet, and not only do they function less well, some are made from hazardous substances.
  • Check the ice bucket is properly placed.  
  • Check the ice amount arm is at the downward position.  The tube is a thin tube situated over the ice manufacturer, coming from the side or back wall.

Our Warranties

When choosing us, you will never have to worry about seeing hidden fees being charged from us. Every repair we do is laid out clearly for you to see and understand the cost. Our technicians provide you with estimates which are detailed before any job is started. After that, we only charge for the appliance repair services which you approve.

Parts and Labor

Whenever we repair your appliances, the parts which we replace are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. We have approximately 95% of all the parts which you need in our inventory. Meaning you will never have to worry about a task being delayed or canceled due to lack of parts. Our company vehicles are equipped with the appliance parts which often need replacement or repair.

At La Jolla appliance repair company, we provide extensive after-sales for Sub-Zero Authorized Appliance Service. These follow-ups are entirely complimentary. Therefore, you do not have to worry about extra charges. Moreover, the travel expenses to and from your premises are not passed down to you. Our appliance repair services are affordable, reliable and guarantee high-quality results.

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